Saturday, May 25, 2013


I love to draw, to paint! Especially drawing animes XD. Well, but in my high school there are no art -I mean art like painting or drawing- subject. I was really sad about it but luckily my friend introduce me to this game, SmallWorlds.

Smallworlds is a 3D virtual reality game, where you can do things like missioning, meeting friends, playing together (chess, fastdraw, etc.), playing in an arena, etc. There are skills with levels and tokens (the currency) to earn. It also has gold as currency but you have to pay in real life to get it.
So, my friend actually introduced me to SW when we're in junior high -I've been playing since Feb 2009- but I was into it since I had the long holiday after the junior high school national exams.

First, I was into it because I like missioning. I looked at the forum and tried so many good missions. Most of the story lines are touching and I'm impressed by how the mission makers made the missions so real. Then I joined the mission community and leveled up my skills fast.

Then, something caught my eyes. Yes! It is the canvas! I thought "Oh why did I just realize that I could paint here now?!" XD. So I tried to make paintings from the canvas and post it on the forum -for the first time, I just wanted to make money so I post in the Marketplace section lol-. The next day, I got an unexpected mail! It was from an artist, a famous artist in SW and she invited me to join an art community named Artistic Alley. I was extremely happy and I immediately said yes! So I became a member of Artistic Alley Junior since I was just an amateur. There, I developed my painting skills quickly. I befriended with many amazing artists all over the world and I even had a mentor from Australia! I will post the paintings in other posts because each painting has its own story and it's too long to write it all here!

PS. Well, at first, I made a boy character -lol, I do love making boy characters in games- named Van Samuel. And for the signature, I used the word VeL -you can see them in the paintings later-. But as the time goes by, after I made many paintings I felt uneasy so I made a girl character but as the signature is VeL, so I decided to name her Vanessa Gabrielle XD

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